Australian Archaeology and Heritage with Kate Morris

Student Spotlight | March 2020

Kate Morris studied a Bachelor of Science/Arts at the University of Queensland, majoring in Archaeological Science and Anthropology in each respective degree. Studying archaeology through a Science degree allowed her to take useful electives such as Biology and Statistics. Kate also undertook Honours in Archaeology at UQ in 2019; analysing historical burial artefacts from the North Brisbane Burial Grounds. Her thesis explored socio-economic status in 19th century Brisbane through an analysis of four out of only seven known dentures recovered from 19th century Australian cemetery contexts. Kate’s thesis is currently included in the archives of the Australian Dental Association Queensland’s museum in Brisbane.

Her successful grant applications, academic achievements, and field experience, gained through opportunities at UQ, contributed to her recent employment in the Heritage sector of a NSW consultancy. Kate is currently undertaking fieldwork in her new role and is looking forward to post-excavation analyses.

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