ACUR Undergraduate Research Medal

The ACUR Undergraduate Research Medal recognises a team or individual who has contributed outstandingly to undergraduate research in Australasia.

Nominations must be made by ACUR members, but eligible nominees can come from within and beyond ACUR and include students, academics, professional staff, academic developers, and research developers. It is possible to self-nominate.

The awards panel will judge nominations using the following criteria:

  1. Clear and compelling description of the contribution (up to 300 words). This should explain what was (or continues to be) done and how it is helping to profile and/or raise the status of undergraduate research.

    • Examples could include curriculum or programme initiatives, extra-curricular activities, events, networks etc. 

  2. Excellent and clear evidence of sustained impact (i.e. at least two years expected for staff nomination only) (up to 300 words).

    • Evidence should include feedback from participants in the initiative, course, activity or event etc. It could include examples of student or teacher work, student or teacher satisfaction, development of resources or publications, engagement with the community or industry. 

  3. Verifiable references affirming the contribution and impact. Two references should be provided, with each no longer than a page:

    • One from a learner or participant in the initiative, course, activity or event, etc.; and 

    • One from a colleague or supervisor who is familiar with the initiative, course, activity or event etc.

Nominations should be made on this form and submitted no later than 
July 31, 2024.

 Medal winners are expected to give permission for their contribution to be displayed in ACUR promotional material (e.g., in URNA and on the ACUR website).