The mission of the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research (ACUR) is to promote and advance the spread of undergraduate research in Australasia. Undergraduate research is defined as research or investigation conducted by tertiary level undergraduate students attending universities and colleges.


ACUR seeks to foster undergraduate research in higher education institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand, so that students develop their skills and attributes, and enhance their work readiness. ACUR strives to celebrate and showcase undergraduate research to enable students to benefit from sharing their work, networking and publishing.


  • ACUR consists of an inclusive community of university students and staff working to advance its vision and its mission, in accordance with the principles of country in Australia and with those of the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand.
  • ACUR values the transformative power of research in all its forms as a vehicle for individual and collective learning.
  • ACUR respects a diversity of approaches to undergraduate research engagement in line with the needs and requirements of universities and in support of their varied missions.


ACUR aims to realize its mission by:
  • Ensuring that an Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research is held each year in different universities on an ongoing basis;
  • Promoting attendance at such events throughout Australasian higher education;
  • Organising other events that promote undergraduate research;
  • Promoting and supporting undergraduate research provision within universities and colleges and across the Australasian community;
  • Raising the national and international profile of undergraduate research provision and achievements; and
  • Liaising with other undergraduate research networks worldwide.

ACUR Logo Guidelines

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