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Prof Mike Neary, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Lincoln, UK
Mike was one of the experts in establishing my ALTC Fellowship (2009) which was the foundation of the establishment of the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research (ACUR). I drew on meetings with him at the University of Warwick where he established one of the first Centres for Excellence (CETLs) in developing undergraduate research in the UK. A highlight  of my subsequent Australian Government Grant in 2013, that was designed to make undergraduate research conferences sustainable, was a visit to the University of Lincoln where I was able to explore with Mike new classrooms that he had developed to encourage a ‘student as producer’ model of teaching and learning. These events and Mike’s ideas and scholarly writing were seminal in establishing the underlying framework and ethos of ACUR which is, to this day, a vibrant community of academics and students working together to promote and advance undergraduate research in Australasia (https://www.acur.org.au). Mike remained a member of the ACUR Steering Committee until his untimely sad death.