ACUR 2017

The 2017 Conference was held at the University of Adelaide, 27-28 September.

Conference Program and Proceedings


From the Macquarie site:

The special edition of Macquarie Matrix for papers from ACUR 2017 – click here. This features the Best Paper Winner, Best Paper Runner Up and several other papers recommended for publication.
ACUR 2017 keynote and panel session recordings

2017 prize winners

Best Presentation
Tiana Blazevic, The University of Adelaide
‘Separate the whore from the pure’: Assisted female migration and Crime in South Australia, 1856-1859
Sponsored by Studiosity

Best Paper
Julia Grigonis-Gore, Georgia Brazenall and Joe Ho, The University of Adelaide
Illegal Phoenix Activity within Australia: An Analysis of the Legal and Ethical issues
Sponsored by Studiosity

Best Paper runner up
Hugh Hudson, University of the Sunshine Coast
Old Worlds, New Histories: Engaging with History Through Video Games
Sponsored by HERDSA

Best Abstract
Seak Lin Ly, University of Newcastle
Exploring the relationships between brain iron and the nerve insulating substance Myelin
Sponsored by HERDSA