This membership category is for Australasian universities and institutions of higher education eligible for funding under the Australian Higher Education Support Act (2003) and the New Zealand Education Act.

Why join?

Institutional membership confers a number of benefits to your university as a whole, to staff and to students.
For the institution:
  • ACUR raises the national and international profile of your institution’s undergraduate research provision and achievements;
  • ACUR facilitates the extension and/or development of undergraduate research provision in the institution;
  • ACUR provides opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in presenting their research work at international conferences;
  • ACUR provides opportunities for undergraduate student research to be publicly recognised through conferences, publications and Posters in Parliament events;
  • ACUR extends knowledge of your university’s undergraduate research effort nationally and internationally;
  • ACUR provides online and face-to-face networking opportunities through various events and regular communication about new developments;
  • ACUR conference participation encourages your students to think about postgraduate study at an early stage;
  • ACUR events provide opportunities to recruit future postgraduates.
For staff:
  • ACUR provides networking opportunities for teaching staff to develop their awareness of how to introduce or extend student learning and assessment through research-based learning;
  • ACUR, through various events and regular communication about new developments, provides opportunities for staff to view and discuss the research of students from other institutions and countries;
  • ACUR contributes resources and ideas about undergraduate research and research-based learning, including resources to enhance development of students’ employability skills including critical thinking and problem solving to be utilised in course design and development;
  • ACUR contributes networking opportunities that extend awareness of how to prepare students for professional life when knowledge is uncertain and the future is unclear;
  • ACUR conferences provide a structured process for academic staff wishing to introduce research-based units of study culminating in an international conference presentation.
  • Members-only area of website and a Discussion Forum, a place to advertise undergraduate research opportunities, and access to Undergraduate Research strategic resources.
For your students:
  • ACUR provides them with opportunities to profile their research and represent their institution on a wider stage;
  • ACUR provides students with opportunities to engage with other undergraduate research scholars and build peer networks;
  • ACUR participation helps to motivate students to consider further study;
  • ACUR conferences give students opportunities to learn more about research in their chosen discipline areas as well as explore interdisciplinary approaches to research challenges;
  • ACUR provides opportunities for students to publicise their research work through our newsletter and publications;
  • ACUR enables students to experience academic practice early on in their degree to inform future career choices;
  • ACUR provides opportunities to communicate their research to a more public audience.
  • Members-only area of website and a Discussion Forum, a place to find undergraduate research opportunities, and access to Undergraduate Research strategic resources.
The membership subscription entitles your university to:
  • select students to participate in Posters in Parliament and other high profile events;
  • all ACUR communication and access to resources such as publications, guides to enhance practice in undergraduate research etc.;
  • free attendance for two delegates at ACUR colloquia, seminars etc; (excludes ACUR student Conferences where delegate fee must be paid);
  • representation on the ACUR Steering Committee by institutional nominees chosen by the member institution;
  • up to three votes at annual general meetings;
  • nominate representatives for election to an Executive position.
Institutional membership subscriptions are AU$3000 per annum, or AU$1000 for institutions with fewer than 3000 students.

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