Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is for organisations other than Australian and New Zealand higher education providers that are interested in undergraduate research and its development.

Why join?

Affiliate membership confers a number of benefits to your organisation:

  • ACUR’s links with numerous universities in Australia and New Zealand enable access to numerous students engaged in undergraduate research and staff committed to promoting it;
  • ACUR’s international linkages put your organisation in touch with other organisations working to advance undergraduate research worldwide;
  • ACUR works to enhance higher education by encouraging, through its events and publications, new forms of teaching and learning through research-based learning;
  • ACUR publicises undergraduate research projects through its newsletter, conferences and Posters in Parliament events;
  • ACUR encourages institutions and individuals to extend undergraduate research engagement which prepares students for employability in an uncertain future.
  • Members-only area of website which features a “Discord” Forum, a place to advertise undergraduate research opportunities, and access to Undergraduate Research strategic resources.

The affiliate membership subscription entitles your organisation to:

  • display information about the organisation at ACUR conferences and other events;
  • receive all ACUR communication and access to resources and networks;
  • attend ACUR colloquia, seminars, etc. on payment of a reduced fee (excludes ACUR student Conferences where full delegate fee must be paid);
  • nominate a representative to serve on the ACUR Steering Committee;
  • vote at annual general meetings.

The affiliate membership subscription is AU$500 per annum

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