The Great ACUR Undergraduate Research Writing Project

A thought-experiment for undergraduate researchers to write about during the time of Covid-19.

The Topic

The impacts of Covid-19 on a field of your choice.

The Submission

A 500-word piece, or A3 poster, on the impacts of Covid-19 on a field of your interest. For example, someone in the field of microbiology could discuss the potential decrease of nosocomial bacterial infections, due to the increase in hand- and personal hygiene in hospitals. Perhaps psychology students would want to talk about the impact of self-isolation caused by Covid-19. The scope includes economic impacts, historical impacts; any field expected to be impacted is eligible to be written about. It’s up to you!

The Prize

A prize of $500 will be awarded to the winning submission and the best entries will be published in the November 2020 issue of Undergraduate Research News Australasia. Every reasonable entry will receive a year’s ACUR student membership.

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The Criteria

5 main criteria will be considered:

  • be clear, coherent and well organized
  • demonstrate knowledge of current thinking, research, policy, and/or practice
  • demonstrate awareness of an audience who are not necessarily experts in the field
  • stimulate interest and discussion
  • communicate the relevance/importance of the ideas presented.

The submission must be accessible to a general audience and formatted in a manner appropriate to the topic. Keep it factual, but interpretable. The layout is freely up to your interpretation, but it is advisable to provide background to the concept or idea before discussing implications.

Submission Details

Submissions will be open until the 30th September. Tables and references will not be included in the word count but cannot exceed 1 page. Original research can be included as long as collaborators are acknowledged appropriately. Text files and posters are to be submitted as pdf files. Poster submissions are limited to A3 size, with minimum 12-point font. Please do not submit your name with your title, or in the body of your text, for the sake of anonymising your work.


The competition is open to all undergraduate student researchers, in any field and any country.

For further emails and inquiries please contact Olivia or Lachlan at