What students say

What was the most valuable thing you gained from the conference?

  • Meeting people, great conversations with like-minded people. Also learnt so much because of the wide range of disciplines. Renewed inspiration and hope in undergraduate research.
  • Talking to people about my research is so much fun! Also I really enjoyed meeting other people whose work is similar to mine, but also people outside my discipline – so I had brilliant conversations about feminism and queer theory with the UTS students, and someone spoke about language used for kids with autism, which is really interesting, and then there’s a guy who catches sharks by the nose in a tank to study them! Brilliant!
  • Meeting fellow students with similar interests in research, and finding out about what’s happening across different disciplines.
  • Increased confidence and more appreciation of the research process
  • Confidence in my research and ability to present.
  • Meeting new people, and learning about disciplines I’m not familiar with!
  • Presenting experience, meeting other researchers and learning about other people’s topics.

What will you do as a result of attending the conference?

  • suggest to my Uni that they promote the conference more widely next time. I only heard of it by chance, no one else from my Uni was here
  • Definitely continue into my fourth year at uni and complete honours. Talk to my teachers about possibility of incorporating more research into undergrad programmes.
  • I will defiantly talk with my teachers about why we do not do more research as undergraduate students! I was also unsure as to if I should complete a fourth year as an honours student next year but after seeing the passion and the difference that research can make in a relevant context I am inspired to continue studying
  • Look at other Conference opportunities
  • I’m going to try and get my research from my honours thesis accepted into the conference next year and attempt to get it published.
  • Continue in research and attend more conferences! It was such a great experience!
  • I want to continue onto a PhD
  • Consider presenting at future conferences.
  • So inspired! I’m going to see if I can present in one of the years to come!
  • I would really like to further my research and attempt to try and present next year. I gained a lot of insight from a person who was very interested in my poster and have perhaps found another avenue of further research.
  • Motivation to get my paper published
  • Definitely try to spread the word about undergraduate research.
  • I will continue with my degree, however I may now consider extending my study to do an honours degree or go even further.  The conference gave me confidence in my study and new motivation.
  • Being in a peer-based audience provides more confidence to share one’s ideas with the community. I am now more eager to communicate future research to others and will take the opportunities when they arise.

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