The Australian National University (ANU) is proud to be hosting the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) Conference online, from the 15th-17th September 2021.

Abstracts now open!

Abstract submissions for the 2021 ACUR Conference are now open and will close June 28th 2021.
The attached guidelines are provided to assist you in preparing your submission. 

ACUR@ANU 2021 key dates:

April 1st 2021: Abstracts open 
June 28th 2021: Abstract submission closes 
August 20th 2021: Abstract outcomes delivered to students 
Conference organisers will be extending eligibility for presenting at this year’s conference to students who intended to present last year. Therefore, if in 2020 you were eligible to present as a ‘2019 or 2020 undergraduate, Honours or first Master of Research student’, you will still be eligible to present this year. 
In collaboration with the ACUR Executive and Student Committee, we are currently working on a broad and engaging three day program, including workshops, panels and networking opportunities alongside student presentations. We look forward to sharing more details of the program with you as the Conference approaches, via our Facebook pages and the ACUR website. 
We are inviting all undergraduate students from the Australasian region, as well as staff (including supervisors and institutional representatives) to register their interest in attending the Conference, via the form below. This will ensure you receive up to date information about Conference dates and deadlines, including opening and closing of the Call for Abstracts, and program announcements. 
Information about ticket prices and how to register will be available soon.  

Why an online conference?

The decision to run the Conference online was made with the support of the ACUR Chair, Executive and Student Committees, with the goal of ensuring that all undergraduates, staff and ACUR supporters are able to attend the Conference from wherever they may be based, without the additional cost or unpredictability of planning travel. 
An online Conference will equally allow speakers and special guests to attend from around the world, and enable networking opportunities that wouldn’t be possible at an in-person Conference.  
ANU is ranked first in Australia, with excellence in research and education at the centre of all that we do. Undergraduate research is extensively supported by the ANU, including through the ANU Undergraduate Research Journal and our annual ANU Student Research Conference. We are therefore committed to providing opportunities for Conference attendees to present their research and attend the presentations of other students, network with potential employers and peers from universities around the country, and attend multidisciplinary panel discussions and workshops in an environment that supports and encourages critical and creative academic inquiry. 
We look forward to working with you to make the first online ACUR Conference a success!  
The theme for the 2021 Conference is ‘Your Search, Our Future’. We warmly invite students from all academic disciplines to submit an abstract which illustrates how the search they are undertaking in their research offers greater insight into our future, whether this be through a more thorough understanding of the past, a solution for a current problem, the identification of a challenge impacting our future or something else. ACUR@ANU 2021 is a proudly multidisciplinary conference, and we encourage all interested students to submit an abstract. 

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