ACUR 2017 Prize Winners

Best Presentation – $500
Tiana Blazevic, The University of Adelaide
‘Separate the whore from the pure’: Assisted female migration and Crime in South Australia, 1856-1859
Sponsored by Studiosity

Best Paper – $500
Julia Grigonis-Gore, Georgia Brazenall and Joe Ho, The University of Adelaide
Illegal Phoenix Activity within Australia: An Analysis of the Legal and Ethical issues
Sponsored by Studiosity

Best Paper runner up – 1 year HERDSA membership and a book
Hugh Hudson, University of the Sunshine Coast
Old Worlds, New Histories: Engaging with History Through Video Games
Sponsored by HERDSA

Best Abstract – $350 and a book
Seak Lin Ly, University of Newcastle
Exploring the relationships between brain iron and the nerve insulating substance Myelin
Sponsored by HERDSA