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Presentation Abstracts || Poster Abstracts

Presentation Abstracts

ADIE, JoshuaRose-tinted filters can mitigate the visual challenges of using pink cricket balls at sunset

ALI, Ali AsgherIs butter a villain? A systematic literature review on the associated health risks of butter in comparison to margarine

AN, TimothyAbnormal genetic changes in blood stem cells of pre-leukemic mice

ANDERSSON, EllainaThe new normal: Variability across neuropsychological domains in typically developing children

ANGLISS, GillianA conceptual framework of Building Information Modelling (BIM) application for rail transit construction

ARTHUR, LachlanOvercoming acquired resistance to CX-5461

BAG, ShobhnaThe relationship of resilience and self-compassion with psychological wellbeing

BEATTIE, LukeWitnessing the unpresentable: Accelerationist aesthetics in Gaspar Noé’s Carne, I Stand Alone and Irreversible

BLAZEVIC, Tiana‘Separate the whore from the pure’: Assisted female migration and Crime in South Australia, 1854-1859

BLISS, AimeeLessons from a tragedy: Quantifying environmental drivers of Athrotaxis mortality and survival during an extreme bushfire event

BOYTON, India and ALI, Ali AsgherGreen Energy from Bacteria: A synthetic answer to a Global Issue

BROWN, Courtney; EFSTATHIADIS, Deanna; JONES, Amber; STOTT, BiancaOral health education and interventions for adolescent mothers and their children: a collaborative partnership with the Christies Beach Young Mums program

BROWN, TiffanyTrialling a prototype non-invasive technique to determine mango ripeness

CHARD, TimUsing community structures to improve recommendation systems

CHENDEB, MariamEmbodied learning of scientific knowledge: An fMRI Study

CHUBB, DavidOrthodontic retainers: how thin is too thin?

COLEMAN, MatthewEpigenetic factors affecting the severity of Rett syndrome

DRIVER, JoelAnt abundance increases with grazing exclusion: response of Formicidae (Hymenoptera) to 90 years of non-native herbivore removal in a semi-arid rangeland system

DU, ThanhClimate change is boring: Insight and conceptualisation into climate change marketing strategies

EDMONDS, Ruby; NGU, Jenny; WEISSGERBER, JoanneContemporary teaching: A peer based reflection of the flipped classroom for oral health students

ELLIOT, GarethHow do Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene grow? Insights from computational chemistry

EMSLEY, AnnaBLOOD, THE INK AND THE GUN: The contemporary work of tattoo artists

EHRENFELD, LaurenSpeeding in school zones: Prospective memory failures on an interrupted driving task in high ADHD proclivity individuals

ERBA, MonicaGraduate teachers’ experiences in rural and remote Queensland: A literature review

FAIRLAMB, HannahExperience and perception of gender in the music industry in Australia

FERNANDO, SanujaAnti-inflammatory effects of Colchicine on Lipoprotein and Cholesterol-crystal induced
Macrophage Activation in vitro

FIELDING, MatthewResponse of opportunistic predatory birds to land-use change on roads and implications for avian prey species

FLOWER, MatthewPublic transport passengers’ fear of crime, and willingness to walk home from bus stops at night – a predictive spatial analysis conducted in Canberra, ACT

GIBSON, NicholasSupport portal for improving numeracy pass rates for ‘The literacy and numeracy test for initial teacher education students’

GOEL, RaghavPerioperative Chemotherapy for Gastric Carcinoma: Not so ‘MAGIC’?

GOULD-FENSOM, LewisThe thin white line: Does race influence body size misperception?

KASIMIR, GregoryDecomposing the origin of Hofmeister Effects

GRINGONIS-GORE, Julia and BRAZENALL, GeorgiaIllegal Phoenix Activity Within Australia: An analysis of legal and ethical issues

GROBBELAAR, NatashaCoarse particle recovery in froth flotation

GUTSCHMIDT, DanielEvaluation of regional changes in phosphorylation of tau, a key protein that accumulates in neurodegenerative disease, following single severe versus repeated mild traumatic brain injury

HASSAN, Ahmed; JACOB, Dhanya; KASHYAP, ShivaniIdentifying opportunities to support residents in a women’s shelter by improving their oral health status through dental screening and ongoing referrals to support services

HOBLOS, HanadiMEC-17 overexpression leads to synaptic defects and activation of the DLK-1 neuronal remodeling program in C. elegans

HOWARD, MatthewDo grapevines have ecological memory of drought stress?

HOWARD, Matthew and HUCKEL, MichelleDo grapevines have ecological memory of drought stress?

HUANG, YunheThe relationship between mental health literacy and CAM beliefs in international students

HUDSON, HughOld worlds, new histories: Engaging with the past through video games

JACKSON, KellySocial identity in the twenty first century: The relationship between membership type, social identity and individual self-esteem across members of a web-based group, The Perth Pinup Community

JAFAR, SyedThe timecourse of body perception aftereffects

JONES, DioneTicagrelor versus Clopidogrel in stable coronary artery disease patients undergoing elective percutaneous coronary intervention

JORY, MichelleTriage documentation: An examination of the content and patterns of content

KEEN, EdwinaBody image disturbance and the role of gender in fat and muscle Aftereffects

KELSEY, SamNeural regulation of vaginal contraction

KHOMINSKY, AlexanderCrouzon Syndrome, Facing Reality

KIDD, RyanQuantum chaos in lattice models using the Wigner Function

KOPYCHYNSKI, KristinaEducation in astronomy: Computer-based resources and undergraduate learning

KRISHNAN, AshwinaThe Armed Forces Special Powers Acts and the institutionalisation of rape in India

LE, JennyLosing control of how we perceive the world: What can attention tell us about addiction?

LING, AmandaThe research-teaching nexus: students’ perceptions and experience of research-led education

LIANG LOH, Wen and PERERA, ShayaraIdentifying the risk of injury from a device used to treat depression in adolescents

LOVETT, NicholasLiteracy and numeracy test for initial teacher education: Can a digital portal improve student results for the literacy section of the test?

LY, Seak LinExploring the relationships between brain iron and the nerve insulating substance Myelin

LYALL, KateStudying my Facebook feed? Australians’ attitudes towards researchers’ use of social media data

MADDEN, DanielleUnderstanding the progression of blindness in koalas caused by the bacteria, Chlamydia pecorum

MCMAHON, KylieThe Acceptability, Utility and Impact of a High-Flow Room Air Pump and Pursed Lip Simulator on the Relief of Shortness of Breath for People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

MINHAS, VikrantUtilisation of a sugar may dictate disease progression in Streptococcus pneumoniae

NG, Pei QinUsing genome-wide variants to determine the historical migration of chickens through South East Asia to the Islands of the Pacific

OBST, KateAustralian men’s experiences of support following pregnancy loss

OLDING, AgnusBringing the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction into the teaching laboratory

OPPY, CalvinWhite Egalitarianism in 18th Century Jamaica

PAGE, ClintonLooking deeper – using deep-learning to identify internet communications traffic

PATEL, PrajayRed/Near Infrared Light Therapy – protection of retinal pigment epithelial cells from
oxidative damage

PEEL, BrookeThe closed-end fund discount and its determinants in the Australian equity market

PHIPPS, Esther and MANNING, GeraldPolice powers to compel access to encrypted devices and computer records

POSKITT, MarkShaping urban resilience: An analysis of post-earthquake recovery in Christchurch

POWELL, MerrickThe effects of violent music on aggressive cognitions

POWELL, ZoeMale gaze or female shade: the roles of intra- and intersexual selection in body dissatisfaction

PRADHAN, SorayaA review of the effectiveness of Indigenous Land Use Agreements

RAGHUNATHAN, PadmaSpeed and size illusion – the effect of orientation and mode of presentation

RAHULAN, AlanAzithromycin, an antibiotic with potential to reduce bone loss associated with chronic gum disease

RAJU, Abdus SalamAn evaluation of the chest pain pathway

REEVES, AndrewHow at-risk are you at work? Understanding the relationship between risk perceptions, organisational commitment and employee information security awareness

RICEMAN, MichaelThe impact and prevalence of pancreatic enzyme deficiency in Type 2 Diabetes

ROBINSON, KatherineAre motor neuron abnormalities correlated with impaired motor function in a zebrafish model of ALS?

ROSITANO, SebastianLifetime prevalence and determinants of antidepressant usage in a 2015 cross-sectional South Australian sample

RUSLY, DeaPurification of carbon nanotubes for lithium-sulfur battery application

SAILOR, NicholasThe literacy ability of Torres Strait Islanders and the Great Separation

SALUJA, SupreetTasting Colours: the existence and nature of Gustatory-Colour Correspondences

SCOTT, Samantha; HOFFMAN, Adrian; TOO, Nien Yee; SMITH, StuartDesign and build a continuous Hydrothermal Liquefaction system

SHANKS, TaylaRetention rates of beginning teachers in rural and regional Queensland

SHERWOOD, CatherineSport, spectacle and politics in Queensland Aboriginal Settlements

SMITH, KristenThe Importance of HSC70 Cell Surface Exposure in Mesenchymal Stem Cells

SON, Eric TaeyoungWhich self-peptides contribute to transplantation tolerance?

SUBRAMANIAM, CourtneyMechanism of neuroprotection by mechano-growth factor, a muscle specific isoform of insulin-like growth factor 1

TENNAKOON, AnuradhaChanges in Brainstem Cytokines in normal ageing and Motor Neurone Disease

THOMPKINS, VanessaHigher Dimensional Venn Diagram Analogues

VOSS, KimberlyResolving the human-rights paradox: the role for Australian climate law on psychological health

WALKER, RaymartEvaluation and integration of simulation technologies for teaching and learning physics

WU, JessyInside the Chinese Keyword sajiao: The art of feminine persuasion

ZHU, RoyStreamlining public transport intermodal connections to increase ferry ridership: Agent-based simulation study

Poster Abstracts

BORG, MatthewGastrointestinal mechanisms underlying glucose lowering by metformin in type 2 diabetes

CHOY, Yin Pui; TANG, Shi En; LOH, Wen Kai; TING, Heng ZhengRadiant Ignition of Single Leaf Particles

DOWNES, CharlotteCharacterisation of a novel GOLGA4-JAK2 and a reported ATF7/P-JAK2 fusion from patients with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

DUONG, Tina PhongA framework to overcome the challenges and barriers of developing a mobile online health care system in Australia

GIENIEC, KrystynaThe establishment of a pre-clinical pipeline for evaluating stromal targets in colorectal cancer

JONES, CharlesInvestigation of the CDIB Lipid Antigen Presentation Pathway and its role in Pulmonary Innate Immunity in COPD

LAM, Yik HeiAcademic procrastination: why can’t we stop doing it?

LIN, LindaIntegration of ferry eystems to encourage travel resilience in Brisbane

MARKOPOULOS, KristinaAustralian perspectives of the Korean War (1950-1953)

RAYNER, SamanthaSecondary traumatic stress and empathetic behaviour in Australian social workers and psychologists

ROLLO, RachelChronic pseudomonas aeruginosa infections: The paradox of inhibitory antibodies

SIA, CindyCardiac Fibrosis in an animal model of chronic kidney disease

TOOMES, AdamTrue Absences or Imperfect Detection? Occupancy-Detection Modelling of a Threatened Social Lizard

WILLET, MirandaSupporting families of children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia

ZHANG, DonaldContextualising residents’ calls for staff assistance: A prototype web-based call-bell system in residential aged care facility