Organisation and officials

ACUR has been established to ensure that an Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research is held each year in different universities on an ongoing basis. ACUR aims to build on the highly successful Australasian Undergraduate Research Conferences convened in 2012 and 2013 at Macquarie University, in 2014 at the Australian National University, 2015 at The University of Western Australia, 2016 at CQUniversity Australia (Rockhampton) and 2017 at the University of Adelaide. You can find a snapshot of these events at The next conference will be held at La Trobe University, Victoria on 24th-25th September 2018. ACUR also plans to hold a Posters in Parliament exhibition of undergraduate students’ research work from time to time. Please note that at present there will be no Posters in Parliament in ACUR 2018.

ACUR has been established through SEED project funding from  the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT). The project team is led by Professor Angela Brew (Macquarie University); Associate Professor Jenna Mead (University of Western Australia); Associate Professor Paula Newitt (Australian National University); Professor Rachel Spronken-Smith (University of Otago, NZ) and Professor Stuart Hampton-Reeves (University of Central Lancaster, UK).

The team has established an International Steering Group consisting of individuals who have influence in their institutions in terms of gaining support for undergraduates to attend and present at ACUR conferences as well as individuals who are researching or leading significant projects to engage undergraduates in research and inquiry. Currently, 30 Australian and 4 New Zealand universities are represented on the Steering Group as well as 14 other organisations and universities worldwide. This Steering Group is the main decision-making body in respect of future Australasian Undergraduate Research Conferences. The Steering Group led by the project team has established criteria and guidelines for conferences, and calls for expressions of interest for future conferences from time to time.

The Steering Group is responsible for making decisions about hosting, providing guidance to conference hosts, ensuring the quality of conferences, assisting conference hosts in gaining sponsorship and in publicising ACUR. Steering Group members are also spreading information throughout their respective institutions. The group communicates through electronic means but meets at conferences. Documentation and a list of Steering Group members is available on this website.

Late 2017 saw ACUR move towards becoming an Incorporated Association. To achieve this goal, an Interim ACUR Executive Committee was established.