ACUR welcomes donations from individuals, organisations including universities and colleges, business and the community.  All sponsors are acknowledged in publicity including banners, leaflets and our website. Some ACUR Conference sponsors may wish to have a display in the conference reception area or be acknowledged in some other way. Please let us know your desires.

How you can help

There are a number of possible ways to support the work of ACUR

Sponsorship for ‘Posters in Parliament’

You can make a cash donation to support the organisation of Posters in Parliament, and/or you can nominate specific items:

(i) Banners, leaflets, invitations and other publicity.

(ii) Parliament House drinks and canapés reception ($3000)

(iii) Travel and accommodation costs to enable students to support and explain their posters (Estimated at $1000 each student)

Conference sponsorship

You can make a cash donation to support the organisation of the conference and/or you can choose to support particular items:

(i) A prize for the best paper (typically $1000)

(ii) A prize for the best poster (typically $500)

(iii) Prizes for runners up

(iv) A specific prize for the best paper in a particular subject area. The conference is multi-disciplinary, so many subject areas can be expected (typical prize amount $500)

(v) T-shirts for student helpers

(vi) Gifts for keynote speakers and helpers

(vii) Banners, posters and publicity

(viii) Conference folders/satchels, name tags

(ix) Student travel costs

(x) Electronic pens, pads, etc. for participants

(xi) Social events e.g. student BBQ, dinner for Steering Group

(xii) A contribution to conference administration

(xiii) Funding for undergraduate research projects

General Donations

(i) Running costs

(ii) Operational costs

(iii) URNA Distribution

(iv) Website and resources maintenance

(v) Administration costs

Donors for Posters in Parliament and/or Conference Sponsorship will of course be acknowledged in conference publicity. If you would like to discuss sponsorship for events further, or require an invoice for your donation please click here.

Thank you very much for your interest.


ACUR is an Incorporated Association operating under ABN 17 604 680 135.