Welcome to ACUR

The Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of undergraduate research. ACUR’s primary event is the Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research. The Conference promotes and supports undergraduate and first year postgraduate students to disseminate their research activites.

What is an Undergraduate Research Conference?

In 2012, the first Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research was held at Macquarie University. An undergraduate research conference is like any academic conference, except that the presentations are all given by undergraduates who report on research carried out as part of their degree programs, including industry-based projects and discipline based studies.

As a multi-disciplinary conference, students and staff have the opportunity to network with researchers across disciplines and methodological paradigms. The 2018 conference, hosted at La Trobe University, Melbourne, featured a diverse range of research work including research projects from the biological sciences, software engineering and music history.